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PHP Development - PHP 5.3 and 5.5 certified - PHPUnit testing (as it's an essential piece of development) - Zend Framework (1 and 2), Symfony2, cphalcon - Doctrine 2 - various libraries, such as composer, gearman, monolog, just to name a few - Zend Engine (is that part of this area or C Development?) If you want to see source code, please check my public github repositories. Beside a few prototypes, there are various examples for my PHP knowledge. Infrastructure & Services - Very deep knowledge of apache2

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Zend Framework, PHP, Linux, JavaScript, PHPUnit, Git, Apache 2, Zend Server, Software Development, Software Design, Network Architecture, HTML 5, Doctrine, Subversion, Application Architecture, 30+ anzeigen, Memcached, Zend Studio, Jenkins, Github, Design Patterns, Software Deployment, Solution Architecture, Phing, Ant, ActiveMQ, Boost C++, Perl, Object Oriented Design, Unix Shell Scripting, Continuous Integration, golang, kubernetes, Microservice Architecture, Cloud Architecture, AWS, Puppet, Docker, CoreOS, Apache, E-Commerce, GitHub, HTML5, MySQL, Nginx, Softwareentwicklung

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