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I create things, find my tribes and use digital communication to build engaging communities. I founded and built up Broken Glass Records -- an artist collective offering digital marketing campaigns and branding to artists and authors -- built my own artist project The Glass Child, and published 3 books under my name. I'm a professional songwriter, freelance writer and creative coach. When I was 17 years old I moved to London to create a life for myself that made me excited to wake up every morning. Since t

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Blogging, Music, Songwriting, Music Industry, Creative Writing, Social Media Marketing, Recording, Singing, Social Media, Publishing, Copy Editing, Music Production, Vocal, Writing, Radio, Visa 32+, Studio Recording, A&R, Original Music, Digital Music Marketing, Twitter, Poetry, Music Publishing, Audio Recording, Music Education, Contemporary Dance, house dance, Tumblr, Yoga, Yoga Instruction, integral hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, Holistic Health, Record Labels, Digital Media, Marketing, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Vocal Coaching, book publishing, Book Marketing, Creative Coaching, author marketing, Music Marketing, book marketing, Digital Communication Strategy, Social Media Communications, Facebook Marketing, Dölj


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