Jenni Ottilie   Keppler

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Thinkfarm Berlin


2015-01 - heute
Community Building
Thinkfarm Berlin

2015 - 2015
Graphic Support

2014-01 - heute
Co-Founder and Designer
Open it Agency

2014-01 - 2014-07
Alternative Marketing Strategies

2013-07 - 2013-10
Graphic Designer, Pollinator
OPENiT Festival

2012-01 - heute
Illustrator Animator Graphic Designer
Jenni OTTILIE Keppler

2011-09 - heute
Freelancing illustrator and graphic designer
Arkadia & Co.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Über mich

Open. I love using my skills for projects, be they paid or unpaid, small or big, ranging from illustrations, designing CIs, album covers, animation shorts, over to building up platforms to connect people to enable another possibility for the exchange of ideas for new ways of living. Always looking for new approaches to respect and honor the environment and our precious ecosystems. Skills include: Conceptual design with focus on designing collaborative structures to act as a social & environmental interactio

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