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The ideal team would be, a good mixture of highly specialized and broadly skilled people. Some carrying the quality and raising the know how, others preventing bottle necks. I am one of the later. I've switched roles between dev, UX, visual and interaction design and PO. I enjoy working closely together with different professions and learning from others skill set. Pairing is a cross-functional value from which the whole team, the project and each individual will benefit from. I still love coding and want

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Java, MySQL, Ruby, Tomcat, Linux, HTML, jQuery, REST, Oracle SQL, IntelliJ IDEA, Jackrabbit, Hippo CMS, Eclipse, Neo4j, Inkscape, 15+ anzeigen, Photoshop, Lucene, XML, FileMaker, Pinnacle Studio, Solr, Englisch, MongoDB, User Experience, Informationsdesign, Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile Methoden, Scrum, JavaScript

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